Wiley编辑与社会管理副主任 Dr. Daping Zhang 11月30日下午学术报告


报告人Dr. Daping Zhang (Wiley)

报告题目Global research: An evolving landscape – Wiley





With the development of Science and Technology, more and more high quality scientific research paper have been published in high impact STM journals, specifically coming from Chinese science community. As an international publisher with global reputation, Wiley is devoted to be engaged in the publishing activity and wish to work closely with Chinese societies to publish more manuscripts. Open access is the STM publishing trend. It is witnessed by many publishers and would like to adopt this publishing model in the future. Better understand the background of Wiley and its publishing model, specifically publishing for China would be better for scientists to consider to publish with Wiley.


个人简介 :

Dr Daping Zhang received his BSc in 1987 from Peking University and MSc in 1990 from Beijing University of Technology, China. After that, he worked as research assistant, lecturer and team leader in Beijing University of Technology for seven years and then received his PhD degree in 2000 from University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

After three years Postdoc in University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Dr Zhang had been working in Tripos Discovery Research Center, UK and Resolution Chemicals Limited, UK for several years, focusing on R&D of new medicine and manufacturing of patent medicine.Afterwards, he joined The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) as a publisher to lead RSC publishing in Greater China before he became the Executive Editor of the Frontiers series journals collaboration between CCS and RSC. In 2018, Daping joined Wiley as Associate Director of Editorial and Society Management and takes responsibility on society collaboration and global OA journal management. 


联系人:张桥 教授


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