Advanced Materials Interfaces联合创刊编辑Hakim Meskine博士11月7日上午学术报告


报告人:Hakim Meskine 博士

Advanced Materials Interfaces

题目:Research on the edge: Advanced Materials Interfaces





Hakim Meskine (Ph.D) is a computational condensed-matter physicist by training and joined the Wiley team in Berlin since May 2011. He obtained a PhD in physics from the University of Missouri in 2005 (USA), and has worked as a postdoc at the theory department of the Fritz-Haber Institute in Berlin (2005-2007) as well as at Strathclyde University, Glasgow (2008-2010). During his postdocs he worked on surface and interface science. He joined the Berlin office of Wiley in May 2011 as an editor for Physica Status Solidi. Since July of 2012 he has been the managing editor for Crystal Research and Technology. Hakim Meskine is also the co-founding editor of Advanced Materials Interfaces, the new journal of the Advanced Materials family. During his visit, Dr. Meskine will give a talk titled "Research on the edge: Advanced Materials Interfaces".


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