Dr. Jonathan F.Lovell7月6日上午学术报告


Presenter:Dr. Jonathan F. Lovell, Assistant Professor,State University of New York at Buffalo

Topic: Imaging and Drug Delivery with New Self-Assembly Strategies

Time: 10:00 AM, July 6th

Location: Room 308, BLDG 910-3F



Here, we will discuss our recent efforts to form nanoparticles with high-density payloads. In particular, we will discuss two recently reported nanoscale systems, both involving high-density porphyrin constructs. First, porphyrin nanovesicles have been developed that can release drugs in response to laser irradiation and bind to his-tagged proteins, leading to enhanced drug deposition in irradiated tumors. Second, using low-temperature "surfactant-stripping" a family of highly light-absorbing nanoparticles (solutions with near infrared absorbance of > 1000) have been developed for safe and real-time gastrointestinal imaging following oral administration to mice. This same strategy was used to generate therapeutic micelles with drug-to-excipient ratios multiple orders of magnitude higher than current clinical formulations.



Jonathan F. Lovell is an assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the State University of New York at Buffalo. He received his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Toronto in 2012. He was awarded the NIH Early Independence Award in 2013, the Rita Schaffer Young Investigator Award of the Biomedical Engineering Society in 2015 and an NSF CAREER award in 2016. He has published over 60 peer reviewed works, including in Cell, Nature Materials, Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Chemistry and Nature Communications. His main focus is on developing translatable nanoplatforms with applications in photomedicine, drug delivery, theranostic imaging and vaccine research.

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