报告人:Dr. Daping Zhang-Executive editor of Frontiers journals in RSC

报告题目:Chemical Science Leads the Way – STM Publishing

报告时间:1027日,10:00 am



Introduction of The Royal Society of Chemistry including journals, books, magazines, database and other activities to promote advancing chemical sciences will be given in this talk. Tips on how to publish on STM journals and introduction of collaboration between CCS and RSC. Meanwhile, a brief discussion on STM future publishing.



Dr Daping Zhang received his BSc in 1987 from Peking University and MSc in 1990 from Beijing University of Technology, China. After that, he worked as research assistant, lecturer and team leader in Beijing University of Technology for seven years and then received his PhD degree in 2000 from University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

After three years Postdoc in University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Dr Zhang had been working in Tripos Discovery Research Center, UK and Resolution Chemicals Limited, UK for several years, focusing on R&D of new medicine and manufacturing of patent medicine. Afterwards, he joined The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) as a publisher to lead RSC publishing in Greater China. Currently, he is the Executive Editor of the Frontiers series journals of joint venture between CCS and RSC.


联系人:张桥 教授



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