Carrier Lifetime Tester



The MDPmap is a multi-function tool for spatially resolved investigation of wafer for photovoltaic and microelectronic application. It is a contactless destruction free measurement system for electrical semiconductor characterization.

Excitation with two lasers about 980 nm, excitation power is controlled over four orders of magnitude

Detection with electrical resonant circuit

Properties measureable:
 Minority carrier lifetime (steady state) ?Minority carrier lifetime (non equilibrium μ-PCD)
 Photoconductivity (steady state), diffusion length

Lifetime range: 0.1 μs to 100 ms

Adjustable bias light included

measurement spot 0.5 mm default, option: software controlled adjustable spot size

repeatability lifetime: +/- 1%

Accuracy lifetime: 3 Sigma < 3%

Measurement time depending on samples:

For instance 1 mm resolution 6” silicon wafer, less than 5 minutes

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Editor: Haihua Wu


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