Cryogenic Probe Station


Cryogenic Probe Station
Mode: Lakeshore Corporation CRX-4K
Cryogenic Probe Station allows for electrical measurements at temperatures ranged from 5 K to 475 K. It is configured with four XYZ precision micro-manipulated probing stages and CCD camera, which can be used to measure micro scale devices with maximum 4 electrodes. Two optical windows are reserved for optical measurements.
Features and Specifications
  • Closed cycle refrigerator

  • High stability operation from 5 K to 475 K

  • Temperature resolution: 0.5 K

  • Probing stages: X = 51 mm, Y = 25 mm, Z = 18 mm

  • Microscope resolution: 5 μm

Optional high vacuum to 10-5 Torr


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