Leica fluorescence optical microscope


Instrument name

Leica fluorescence optical microscope




1.The first 100% repeat the same observation conditions microscope
2. Intelligent design, with automatic transmission light and reflected light strong management capabilities, eliminating the need for you to adjust the light intensity, light path of trouble
3.A constant color temperature control forever vivid color photomicrography
4.The automatic field diaphragm and aperture diaphragm
5.Since the dynamic condenser
6. Equipped with automatic transmission bright field, dark field, phase contrast, polarized light, differential interference function
7. With the reflection bright field, dark field, polarized light, fluorescence, differential interference function
8.The function of automatic conversion: bright field, dark field, polarized light, differential interference function of conversion only through the function keys and press to
9.The LCD display shows all the functions of the microscope and state

Applications and Uses

Bright field ;dark field; polarization; interference; fluorescence


Fluorescent light source, filters

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