BioLogic DuoFlow Chromatography Systems


BioLogic DuoFlow Systems. These are medium pressure laboratory scale chromatography systems for protein purification. These systems are modular, capable of running at high flow rates with back pressures up to 3,500 psi, with pH monitoring, buffer blending, and column scouting capabilities. It can be used in conjunction with a fraction collector for unattended operation.

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Chromatography Systems

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BioLogic DuoFlow




1. Flow rate limit: 10 ml/min 20 ml/min; optional Maximizer valve system.

2. Pressure limit: an F10 pump for a flow rate of 0.01–10 ml/min* 

    at 3,500 psi (233 bar, 23 MPa).

3. Detection: BioLogic QuadTec UV/Vis detector for simultaneous

    monitoring of four wavelengths ranging from 190–740 nm 

    (with deuterium lamp at 190–370 nm and optional halogen lamp

     at 370–740 nm).

4. Conductivity: Standard

5. Software: EZLogic Integration Software

6. pH detection: 0 - 14 Optional

7. Operating temperature: 4–40 °C

8. General fraction collection: BioFrac or Model 2110 fraction collector.

9. Solvent compatibility: All commonly used chromatographic solvents.

Applications and Uses

The BioLogic DuoFlowchromatography systems offer multiple system configurations, optional upgrades, and a common software platform. Suitable for analytical and preparative chromatography. It is specifically designed for the high resolution purification of proteins, peptides, and other biomolecules where recovery of biological activity is of primary concern.




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