Varioskan Flash Multimode Reader


Multi-Mode Microplate Readers are instruments which are used to detect biological, chemical or physical events of samples in microtiter plates. They are widely used in research, drug discovery, bioassay validation, quality control and manufacturing processes in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry and academic organizations.

Instrument name

Multi-Mode Microplate Reader

Model number

Varioskan Flash


Thermo Fisher


1. Plate Types: Fluorometry: 6- to 1536-well plates, Luminometry:

    6- to 1536-well plates, Photometry: 6- to 384-well plates.

2. Excitation Wavelength Range (Fluorometry): 200 to 1000 nm,

    Emission Wavelength Range (Fluorometry): 270 to 840 nm, 

    Sensitivity (Fluorometry): top reading: <0.4 fmol fluorescein/well, 

    Fluorescence intensity, top reading: >6 decades.

3. Wavelength Range (Luminometry): 360-670 nm, spectral scanning

    270-840nm, Sensitivity (Luminometry): <7 amol ATP/well, flash ATP

    reaction, Dynamic Range (Luminometry): >7 decades.

4. Wavelength Range (Photometry): 200 to 1000 nm, Linearity 

    (Photometry) 0 to 4 Abs, (96-well plate) at 450 nm, ±2%.

Applications and Uses

Varioskan Flash spectral scanning multimode reader includes 

fluorescence intensity, time-resolved fluorescence (TRF), photometric,

and optional luminometric detection technologies. It is designed for

optimization and analysis of various assays, such as binding assays,

ADMETox, molecular biology assays, enzyme kinetic studies, 

ion-channel and cell signalling assays.




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