Alan J. Heeger


Area of Emphasis: Polymer Chemistry

Widely known for his pioneering research in and the co-founding of the  field of semiconducting  and metallic polymers, Professor Heeger is also the recipient of numerous awards, including the Nobel Prize in Chemistry (2000),   the Oliver E. Buckley Prize  for  Condensed Matter Physics,   the Balzan Prize  for the Science  of  New  Materials,   the President.s Medal for Distinguished Achievement  from the University  of Pennsylvania,  the Chancellor.s Medal from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and honorary doctorates from universities in the United States, Europe and Asia. He is a member of the National Academy of Science (USA), the National Academy of Engineering (USA), the Korean Academy of Science and the Chinese Academy of Science.

Prof. Heeger has more than 800 publications in scientific journals and more than 50 patents. He founded UNIAX Corporation in 1990; UNIAX was acquired by DuPont in 2000. Prof. Heeger is a co-founder and serves on the Board of Directors Konarka Technologies Inc. He is co-founder and Chairman of  CBrite Inc. in Santa Barbara. He is co-founder and Vice-Chairman of Cynvenio  (micro  fluidics  for cell sorting and related areas) and Cytomx  Therapeutics (novel technology for targeted drug delivery).He has  long been interested in and a fan of theatre. Prof. Heeger has participated in the production of three Broadway plays: In the Heights (2008 Best Musical and still ruinning), West Side Story (revival currently running) and Barefoot in the Park (a revival in 2007 --- did not survive the critics!).

Current Research

His research group at UC Santa Barbara continues to study aspects of the science and technology of semiconducting and metallic polymers with focus on the gate-induced insulator-to-metal transition  in polymer Field  Effect  Transistors and low cost .plastic. solar cells. Current interests also  include biosensors for the detection of specific  targeted sequences on DNA, the detection of specific proteins  and the detection of biologically  relevant small  molecules.

Selected Research Publications

Biosensors Based on Binding-Modulated Donor-Acceptor  Distances, C. Fan, K.W. Plaxco, A.J. Heeger, Science Direct,  vol. 23, no. 4, 186-192 (2005).

The Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) Gate: A Time Resolved-Study, A. Xu,  S. Wang,  D. Korystov, A.  Mikhailovsky,  G.C. Bazan,  D. Moses,  A.J. Heeger, PNAS 102, (N3) 530-535 (2005).

Water/Methanol-Soluble Conjugated Copolymer as an Electron-Transport Layer in Polymer Light-Emitting  Diodes,  W. Ma,  P.K. Iyer, X. Gong, B. Liu,  D. Moses,  G.C. Bazan, A.J. Heeger, Adv. Mater. 17 (N3) 274-277 (2005).s

Ultrafast Photogeneration of Charged Polarons on Conjugated Polymer Chains in Dilute Solution, P B. Miranda, D. Moses, A. J. Heeger, Physical Review B, 70 (8) 085212 (2004).

Time-Resolved Energy Transfer in DNA Sequence Detection Using Water-Soluble  Conjugated  Polymers:  The  Role  of  Electrostatic  and Hydrophobic Interactions, Q.-H. Xu, B.S. Gaylord,  S. Wang, G.C. Bazan,  D. Moses, A.J. Heeger,  PNAS 101,  (N32) 11634-11639 (2004).


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