HE, Le


He, Le

Ph.D., Professor


Education and Professional Experience

Prof. (2015- ), Soochow University

Post-Doc (2013-2015), University of Toronto

Ph.D. (2013), University of California Riverside

B.S. (2008), Nanjing University


Research Interests

We are interested in the development of functional nanostructured materials for various demanding applications, especially heterogeneous CO2 photocatalysis.


Selective publications after joining FUNSOM:

1    Cai, M.?; Wu, Z.?; Li, Z.?; Wang, L.; Sun, W.; Tountas, A. A.; Li, C.; Wang, S.; Feng, K.; Xu, A. B.; Peng, M.; Liu, W.; Helmy, A. S.; He, L.*; Ozin, G.*; Zhang, X.*, Greenhouse Inspired Supra-Photothermal CO2 Catalysis, in revision. (?equal contribution)

2    Wu, Z.?; Li, J.?; Li, C.*; Li, Z.; Feng, K.; Cai, M.; Zhang, D.; Wang, S.; Zhang, C.; Huang, Z.; Zhang, X.; Ozin, G. A.*; He, L.*, Bridging the gap between MXene materials and photothermal CO2 catalysis, submitted. (?equal contribution)

3    Fang, Y.?; Lv, K.?; Li, Z.; Kong, N.; Wang, S.; Xu, A.B.; Wu, Z.; Jiang, F.; Li, C.*; Ozin, G.*; He, L.*, Solution-Liquid-Solid Growth and Catalytic Applications of Silica Nanorod Arrays, Adv. Sci. 2020, 7, 2000310. (?equal contribution)

4   Cai, M; Li, C.*; He, L.*, Enhancing Photothermal CO2 Catalysis by Thermal Insulating Substrates, Rare Met. 2020, 39, 881–886.

5    Feng, K.?; Wang, S.?; Zhang, D.?; Wang, L.; Yu, Y.; Feng, K.; Li, Z.; Zhu, Z.; Li, C.; Cai, M.; Wu, Z.; Kong, N.; Yan, B.; Zhong, J.*; Zhang, X.*; Ozin, G.*; He, L.*, Cobalt Plasmonic Superstructures Enable Almost 100% Broadband Photon Efficient CO2 Photocatalysis, Adv. Mater. 2020, 32, 2000014. (?equal contribution)

6   Kong, N.; Han, B.; Li, Z.; Fang, Y.; Feng, K.; Wu, Z.; Wang, S.; Xu, A. B.; Yu, Y.; Li, C.*; Lin, Z.*; He, L.*, Ruthenium Nanoparticles Supported on Mg(OH)2 Microflowers as Catalysts for Photothermal Carbon Dioxide Hydrogenation, ACS Appl. Nano Mater. 2020, 3, 3028-3033.

7    Li, C.?; Zhang, J.?; Wang, S.;, Zhu, Z.; Li, H.*; Xu, A. B.; Yu, Y.; Wang, X.; Yao, J.; Wang, L.*; Solovev, A. A.; He, L.*, Silica Nanocapsules with Unusual Shapes Accessed by Simultaneous Growth of the Template and Silica Nanostructure, Chem. Mater. 2020, 32, 575-581. (?equal contribution)

8    Li, C.?; Yu, Y.?; Wang, L.*; Zhang, S.; Liu, J.; Zhang, J.; Xu, A.B.; Wu, Z.; Tong, J.; Wang, S; Xiao, M.; Fang, Y.; Yao, J.; Solovev, A. A.; Dong, B.; He, L.*, A step-by-step strategy for controlled preparations of complex heterostructured colloids, Chem. Mater. 2019, 31, 9513-9521. (?equal contribution)

9   Liu, J.?; Xiao, M.?; Li, C.*; Li, H.; Wu, Z.; Zhu, Q.; Tang, R.; Xu, A.B.; He, L.*, Rugby-ball-like photonic crystal supraparticles with non-close-packed structures and multiple magneto-optical responses, J. Mater. Chem. C 2019, 7, 15042-15048. (?equal contribution)

10  Zhang, B.; Jie, J.*; Shao. Z.; Huang, S.; He, L.*; Zhang, X.*, One-step growth of large-area silicon nanowire fabrics for high performance multifunctional wearable sensors, Nano Res. 2019, 12, 2723-2728.

11   Li, H.?; Li, C.?; Sun, W.; Wang, Y.; Hua, W.; Liu, J.; Zhang, S.; Chen, Z.; Wang, S.; Wu, Z.; Zhu, Q.; Tang, R.; Yu, J.; He, L.*; Ozin, A. G.*; Zhang, X.*, Single-Stimulus-Induced Modulation of Multiple Optical Properties, Adv. Mater. 2019, 31, 1900388. (?equal contribution)

12  Li, C.?; Yao, J.?; Huang, Y.; Xu, C.; Lou, D.; Wu, Z.; Sun, W.; Zhang, S.; Li, Y.; He, L.*; Zhang, X.*, Salt-Templated Growth of Monodisperse Hollow Nanostructures, J. Mater. Chem. A 2019, 7, 1404-1409. (?equal contribution)

13  Wang, S.; Li, C.; Chen, Z.; Zhu, Z.; Zhu, Q.; Tang, R.; Sun, W.; He, L.*;  Zhang, X.*, Anomalous effect of the aging degree on the ionic permeability of silica shells, RSC Adv. 2018, 8, 38499-38505.

14  Zhang, S.?; Li, C.?; Zhang, J.; Yu, Y.; Zhou, H.; Tang, R.; Li, Y.; Yu, J.; Du, X.; He, L.*; Zhang, X.*, A general and mild route to highly dispersible anisotropic magnetic colloids for sensing weak magnetic fields, J. Mater. Chem. C 2018, 6, 5528-5535. (?equal contribution)

15  Wang, L.?; Ghoussoub, M.?; Wang, H.; Dong, Y.; Shao, Y.; Tountas, A.; Wood, T.; Li, H.; Sun, W.; Xia, M.; Li, Y.; Wang, S.; Jia, J.; Qiu, C.; Qian, C.; He, L.*; Zhang, X.*; Ozin, G.*, Photocatalytic Hydrogenation of Carbon Dioxide with High Selectivity to Methanol at Atmospheric Pressure, Joule 2018,2, 1369-1381. (?equal contribution)

16  Li, C.; Zhang, S.; Zhang, B.; Liu, J.; Zhou, H.; Solovev, A.; Tang, R.; Bao, F.; Yu, J.; Zhang, Q.; Lifshitz, Y.*; He, L.*; Zhang, X.*, Local-Curvature-Controlled Non-Epitaxial Growth of Hierarchical Nanostructures, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2018, 57, 3772-3776.

17  Wang, L.?; Cai, M.?; Sun, W.*; He, L.*; Zhang, X.*, Promoting Charge Separation in Semiconductor Nanocrystal Superstructures for Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity, Adv. Mater. Interfaces 2018, 5, 1701694. (?equal contribution)

18  Zhu, Z.?; Zhang, S.?; Li, C.; Zhang, J.; Yu, J.; Du, X.; He, L.*; Zhang, X.*, A Mechanistic Study of Silica-Etching by Hot Water, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 2018, 20, 1440-1446. (?equal contribution)

19  Cao, M.?; Liu, Q.?; Chen, M.?; Yang, P.; Xu, Y.; Wu, H.; Yu, J.; He, L.*; Zhang, X.*; Zhang, Q.*, Dispersing Hydrophilic Nanoparticles in Nonaqueous Solvents with Superior Long-Term Stability, RSC Adv. 2017, 7, 25535-25541. (?equal contribution)

20  Yang, P.?; Li, H.?; Zhang, S.; Chen, L.; Zhou, H.; Tang, R.; Zhou, T.; Bao, F.; Zhang, Q.*; He, L.*; Zhang, X.*, Gram-Scale Synthesis of Superparamagnetic Fe3O4 Nanocrystal Clusters with Long-Term Charge Stability for Highly Stable Magnetically Responsive Photonic Crystals, Nanoscale 2016, 8, 19036-19042. (?equal contribution)

21  Sun, W.?; Qian, C.?; He, L.*; Ghuman, K.; Wong, A.; Jia, J.; O'Brien, P.; Reyes, L.; Wood, T.; Helmy, A.; Mims, C.; Singh, C.; Ozin, G.*, Heterogeneous Reduction of Carbon Dioxide by Hydride-Terminated Silicon Nanocrystals, Nat. Commun. 2016, 7, 12553. (?equal contribution)

22  He, L.*; Wood, T.; Wu, B.; Dong, Y.; Hoch, L.; Reyes, L.; Wang, D.; Kübel, C.; Qian, C.; Jia, J.; Liao, K.; O'Brien, P.; Sandhel, A.; Loh, J.; Szymanski, P.; Kherani, N.; Sum, T.; Mims, C.; and Ozin, G.*, Spatial Separation of Charge Carriers in In2O3-x(OH)y Nanocrystal Superstructures for Enhanced Gas Phase Photocatalytic Activity, ACS Nano 2016, 10, 5578-5586.


Selective publications before joining FUNSOM:

23   He, L.?; Janner, M.?; Lu, Q.; Wang, M.; Ma, H. and Yin, Y.*, Magnetochromatic Thin Film Microplates, Adv. Mater. 2015, 27, 86-92. (?equal contribution)

24  He, L.; Wang, M.; Zhang, Q.; Lu, Y.; Yin, Y.*, Magnetic Assembly and Patterning of General Nanoscale Materials through Nonmagnetic Templates, Nano Lett. 2013, 13, 264-271.

25  He, L.; Wang, M.; Ge, J.; Yin, Y.*, Magnetic Assembly Route to Colloidal Responsive Photonic Nanostructures, Acc. Chem. Res. 2012, 45, 1431-1440.

26  He, L.; Hu, Y.; Wang, M.; Yin, Y.*, Determination of Solvation Layer Thickness by A Magneto-photonic Approach, ACS Nano. 2012, 6, 4196-4202.

27  He, L.?; Malik, V.?; Wang, M.; Hu, Y.; Yin, Y.*, Self-Assembly and Magnetically Induced Phase Transition of Three-Dimensional Colloidal Photonic Crystals, Nanoscale 2012, 4, 4438-4442. (?equal contribution)

28  He, L.; Hu, Y.; Han, X.; Lu, Y.; Lu, Z.; Yin, Y.*, Assembly and Photonic Properties of Superparamagnetic Colloids in Complex Magnetic Fields, Langmuir 2011, 27, 13444-13450.

29  He, L. and Yin, Y., “Magnetically Responsive Photonic Nanostructures: Making Color Using Magnets”, Proc. SPIE 2011, 8031, 80310U2-7.

30   He, L.; Hu Y.; Kim, H.; Ge, J.; Kwon, S. and Yin, Y.*, Magnetic Assembly of Nonmagnetic Particles into Photonic Crystal Structures, Nano Lett. 2010, 10, 4708–4714.


Complete publication listhttps://publons.com/researcher/2792977/le-he/

Edited by Juan Yang


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