IVIS? Lumina III Small Animal Imaging System


The IVIS? Lumina Series III brings together years of leading optical imaging technologies into one easy to use and exquisitely sensitive bench-top system. The IVIS Lumina III is capable of imaging both fluorescent and bioluminescent reporters. The system is equipped with up to 26 filter sets that can be used to image reporters that emit from green to near-infrared. Superior spectral unmixing can be achieved by Lumina III’s optional high resolution short cut off filters.

Instrument name

IVIS? Lumina III Small Animal Imaging System

Model number

IVIS? Lumina III




Imaging System Components: Specifications

Camera Sensor: Back-thinned, back-illuminated, cooled Grade 1 CCD

CCD Size: 1.3 x 1.3 cm

Imaging Pixels: 1024 x 1024

Quantum Efficiency: >85% at 500 - 700 nm, >30% at 400 - 900 nm

Pixel Size: 13 microns

Minimum Field of View (FOV): 5 x 5 cm

Maximum Field of View (FOV): 12.5 x 12.5 cm (optional 24 x 24 cm)

Minimum Image Pixel Resolution: 50 microns

Lens: f/.95 - f/16, 50 mm

CCD Operating Temperature: -90 °C

Imaging System Space Requirement: 48 x 71 x 104 cm (W x D x H)

Imaging Chamber Interior Dimension: 43 x 38 x 43 cm (W x D x H)

Power Requirements: 6 A at 120V

Stage Temperature: 20 – 40 °C

Computer (Minimum Specifications): Quad Core 2.8 GHz, 4 GB RAM, 16X DVD+/-RW, 250 GB HD, 24” flat screen monitor

Living Image Software: 1 acquisition copy and 4 analysis copies of Living Image software

Applications and Uses

The IVIS? portfolio of instruments is the industry’s most the versatile and advanced pre-clinical in vivo imaging technology available. The IVIS platform can address the widest range of applications with the highest level of sensitivity for bioluminescence, fluorescence, high-throughput 2D or tomographic imaging. IVIS has lead the industry in multimodal innovation, integrating functional and anatomical technologies within a single instrument or through cross-platform enablement.


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