YUAN, Jianyu


Jianyu Yuan   Associate Professor



2011.9-2016.6   Soochow University, Suzhou, China

Ph.D. awarded in Materials Science and Engineering (MSE)

Professor Wanli Ma, Thesis Advisor


2014.8-2015.11  University of California, Santa Barbara, USA

Joint Ph.D. student in Materials Science

Professor Gulliermo C. Bazan, Director of CPOS, Host Advisor


2007.9-2011.6  Soochow University, Suzhou, China

B. Sc. (Honors) awarded in Materials Science and Engineering (MSE)




Research Interest:

  • Design and Synthesis of Functional Conjugated Materials;

  • Fundamental Study and Application of Electronic Devices.

Tel: 0512-65882337



Research Experiences and Achievements

During the past 5 years Ph.D. study, Dr. Jianyu Yuan has accomplished several projects on solution-processed new generation solar cells. Up to now, he has 7 patent applications (including 2 granted China patents), over 60 SCI papers. Some of his papers have been published in Adv. Mater. (2), Adv. Funct. Mater. (4), Adv. Energy Mater. (3), ACS Nano (1), Nano Energy (2), Chem. Mater. (2), etc. The total citation times of his papers are ~1200 with H-index of 20 (based on Google Scholar).

Selected Publications:

1) Jianyu Yuan, Huilong Dong, Ming Li, Xiaodong Huang, Jun Zhong, Youyong Li, Wanli Ma,* “High Polymer/Fullerene Ratio Realized in Efficient Polymer Solar Cells by Tailoring of the Polymer SideChains” Adv. Mater., 2014, 26 (22), 3624-3630. 

2) Jianyu Yuan, Zhichun Zhai, Huilong Dong, Jing Li, Zuoquan Jiang, Youyong Li, Wanli Ma,* “Efficient Polymer Solar Cells with a High Open Circuit Voltage of 1 Volt” Adv. Funct. Mater., 2013, 23 (7), 885-892.

3) Fangchao Li, Jianyu Yuan,* Xufeng Ling, Yannan Zhuang, Yingguo Yang, Sin Hang Cheung, Carr Hoi Yi Ho, Xingyu Gao, Wanli Ma*  A Universal Strategy to Utilize Polymeric Semiconductor for Perovskite Solar Cells with Enhanced Efficiency and Longevity Adv. Funct. Mater., 2018, 28, 1706377.

4) Jianyu Yuan,* Michael J. Ford, Yalong Xu, Yannan Zhang, Guillermo C. Bazan,* Wanli Ma* Improved Tandem All-Polymer Solar Cells Performance by Using Spectrally Matched Sub-CellsAdv. Energy Mater., 2018, 8, 1703291.

5) Yannan Zhang, Michael J. Ford, Fangchao Li, Jianxia Sun, Yalong Xu, Xufeng Ling, Yongjie Wang, Jinan Gu, Jianyu Yuan,* Wanli Ma* Efficient Nonfullerene Solar Cells with High Tolerance of Blend Composition and Improved Thermal Stability Adv. Energy Mater. 2018, 8, 1800029.

6) Yujie Han, Yuqiang Liu, Jianyu Yuan,* Huilong Dong, Youyong Li, Wanli Ma, Shui-Tong Lee, Baoquan Sun* Naphthalene Diimide-based n-Type Conjugated Polymers: Efficient Rear Interlayers for High Performance Silicon-Organic Heterojunction Solar Cell ACS Nano2017, 11(7), 7215-7222.

7) JianyuYuan,*Wenping Guo, Yuxin Xia, Michael J. Ford, Feng Jin, Dongyang Liu, Haibin Zhao,*Olle Ingan?s, Guillermo C.Bazan, Wanli Ma,*“Comparing the Device Physics, Dynamics and Morphology of Polymer Solar Cells Employing Conventional PCBM and Non-Fullerene Polymer Acceptor N2200” Nano Energy 2017, 35, 351-362.

8) Guanqun Ding, Jianyu Yuan,* Feng Jin, Yannan Zhang, Lu Han, Xufeng Ling, Haibin Zhao and Wanli Ma* High-perfomance all-polymer solar cells by employing an efficient polymer-small molecule acceptor alloy strategy Nano Energy, 2017, 36, 356-365.

9) Jianyu Yuan,* Michael J. Ford, Yannan Zhang, Huilong Dong, Zhi Li, Youyong Li, Thuc-Quyen Nguyen, Guillermo C. Bazan, * Wanli Ma,* “Toward Thermal Stable and High Photovoltaic Efficiency Ternary Conjugated Copolymers: Influence of Backbone Fluorination and Regioselectivity” Chem. Mater., 2017, 29, 1758-1768.

10) Jianyu Yuan,*Caitlin McDowell, Cheng-Kang Mai, Guillermo C. Bazan,* Wanli Ma,* “A Ternary D1-D2-A-D2 Structured Conjugated Polymer: Efficient  Green  Solvent-Processed Polymer/Neat-C70 Solar Cells” Chem. Mater., 2016, 4,17333-17343.


1.袁建宇,马万里一种全共轭侧链聚合物及其在聚合物太阳能器件中的应用 (授权,专利号: ZL 201310115583.8)

2.袁建宇,马万里一种共轭聚合物及其在杂化太阳能电池中的应用 (授权,专利号: ZL 201310111314.4)

Edited by Juan Yang


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