ZHANG, WenJun, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Phone: +852-27887433 (O)       E-mail:  apwjzh@cityu.edu.hk


Academic History:

B.S., LanzhouUniversity, Dept. of Physics, 1988

M.S.LanzhouUniversity, Dept. of Physics, 1991

Ph.D., LanzhouUniversity, Dept. of Physics, 1994

Post-Doc., Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films (FhG-IST) (Germany), 1995-1997

Research fellow, City University of Hong Kong, Center of Super-Diamond and Advanced Films, 1997-1998

Science and Technology Agency (STA) fellow, National Institute for Research in Inorganic Materials (NIRIM) (Japan), 1998-2000

Senior Research Fellow, City University of Hong Kong, Dept. of Physics and Materials Science, 2000-2003

Assistant Professor (2004-2006) and Associate Professor (2006-), CityUniversity of Hong Kong, Dept. of Physics and Materials Science


Research Interests:

Surface and Interface Analysis, Thin Films, Diamond, Cubic Boron Nitride and Related Superhard Materials, Nanomaterials


Research Experience and Accomplishments:

He has published over 140 peer-reviewed journal papers and over 100 conference presentations. He was awarded Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award of Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (2003), Germany and Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP) Best Paper Award (2002), Japan.


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